Z: Who’s “Z”oomin’ Who?

Well, this is it! The end is here. The final song in my Songs from 1985 A-Z Challenge.

Here we go. . .


“Now the fish jumped off the hook, didn’t I, baby?
(Who’s zoomin’ who?)”

I hate to even admit this, but in the ’80s I only knew Aretha Franklin from this song and Freeway of Love. I had no idea who she was until I got to college. I think it speaks to the talent of a singer when their career spans several decades. Aretha Franklin is definitely one of those singers.

She was definitely busy in the ’80s with her solo album and singing duets with The Eurythmics and George Michael.

Who’s Zoomin’ Who? reached number seven on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, number two on the R&B chart, and number one on the dance chart. Interesting fact: Who’s Zoomin’ Who? appears in an episode of Miami Vice. Weren’t we just talking Miami Vice yesterday?

Well, this is it! The final letter in the A-Z Challenge. I hope you have had fun reminiscing about 1985! I know I have. There sure were a ton of fantastic songs that year that helped define the sound of the ’80s.

Be sure to check back on Monday for my A-Z Challenge wrap-up, including links to all of the songs and letters. I’ll also be discussing a few topics we’ll be covering in the upcoming weeks.


3 thoughts on “Z: Who’s “Z”oomin’ Who?”

  1. Lot of great music from 1985!! Brought back some fun memories thanks. Congrats on making it to the end.
    Bob from
    It Came from The Man Cave!


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