Discounted ’80s albums on iTunes

I thought I’d pop in today on my day off and let y’all know about some ’80s albums that are discounted on iTunes. Some of the artists and albums have been featured on the A-Z Challenge too, so this is the time to add them to your ’80s playlist!

As of this morning, the following ’80s albums and artists are discounted:


  • The Very Best of Daryl Hall and John Oates
  • Born in the U.S.A / Bruce Springsteen
  • REO Speedwagon The Hits


  • Journey: Greatest Hits
  • Every Breath You Take The Classics / The Police
  • Huey Lewis and The News Greatest Hits
  • Thriller / Michael Jackson
  • The Best of Sade
  • Ultimate Air Supply
  • Run-DMC Greatest Hits
  • Billy Idol Greatest Hits
  • Graceland / Paul Simon
  • Top Gun Soundtrack
  • Footloose Soundtrack
  • Slippery When Wet / Bon Jovi
  • Moving Pictures / Rush
  • Blizzard of Ozz / Ozzy Osbourne
  • Ultimate Eurythmics: Eurythmics Greatest Hits
  • Rocky IV Soundtrack
  • 21 Totally Awesome ’80s Hits / Various Artists
  • London Calling / The Clash
  • Breakfast in America / Supertramp
  • Greatest Radio Hits / Bruce Hornsby
  • Pretty in Pink Soundtrack
  • Breakfast Club Soundtrack
  • It Takes A Nations of Millions to Hold Us Back / Public Enemy
  • Times Makin’ Changes: The Best of Tesla
  • Rhythm Nation 1814 / Janet Jackson
  • Numer 1’s: ’80s Pop / Various Artists
  • Dirty Dancing Soundtrack


  • Appetite for Destruction / Guns N’ Roses
  • Styx Greatest Hits
  • So Far So Good: Bryan Adams Greatest Hits
  • Scorpions Greatest Hits
  • Shout: The Very Best of Tears for Fears
  • Big Ones: Aerosmith Greatest Hits
  • The Best that I Could Do 1978-1988: John Mellencamp Greatest Hits
  • Synchronicity / The Police
  • Reckless / Bryan Adams
  • The Very Best of the A&M Years: 38 Special
  • The Best of Me: Bryan Adams
  • Revolutions The Very Best of Steve Winwood
  • Whitesnake Greatest Hits
  • Culture Club Greatest Hits
  • Pat Benatar Greatest Hits
  • Heart Greatest Hits 1985-1995

Some really great albums on the list and some of these albums have 20 songs on them. That is quite a a deal! Happy downloading.


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