N: Never


“Stand up and turn around
Never let them shoot us down”

I am a huge Heart fan. This song and their album, Heart, was played non stop on my cassette player. Each Christmas I would (and still do) get something music related. Whether it was a record, cassette, CD, or video I always got something having to do with music.

Christmas 1985 I only wanted one cassette: Heart. I would ask my mom over and over again if I was going to get the Heart cassette. She would always say, “You’ll have to wait and see”. One day we were in line at a busy store. My mom was trying to take care of my sister and pay the woman at the register and wasn’t really paying attention to me. I figured this was my chance to ask again. So, I asked if I was getting Heart for Christmas. Without thinking my mom looked over her shoulder and said, “Yes!” As soon as she said it she knew she had spilled the beans, but it was too late. I knew on Christmas morning I was going to get my Heart cassette. And I did! I think of that any time I hear any song from this album, especially Never.

This was one of Heart’s biggest U.S. hits and peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It was also played a lot on MTV.

I am really disgusted that I don’t have this on vinyl, though I do still have my cassette my mom gave me for Christmas. I’ll have to see if I can find this album at my local used bookshop this weekend. But, I do have one of their earlier albums.


Man, can Nancy Wilson sing!


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