F: Find A Way

F: Find A Way


“I know this life is a strange thing
I can’t answer all the why’s”

I had to include this one on my A-Z Challenge. Not only was it one of the first songs that I learned to play on the piano (thanks to my grandmother who was appalled that I had learned to play Madonna’s Like A Virgin), but also the first song I ever sang as a solo in my high school chorus concert.

This was Amy Grant’s first cross over song. She had made it as a Christian singer, but never had success on non-Christian radio stations, until this song. Find A Way helped her make the jump from Christian stations to mainstream radio.

And she did a great job as it reached the Top Ten on the Adult Contemporary chart and the Top Forty of the pop chart.


2 thoughts on “F: Find A Way”

  1. I love Amy Grant! I like the Unguarded album that this song is from. “Love of Another Kind” is my favorite on it. The first time I heard her was when she did “The Next Time I Fall” with Peter Cetera. I loved her voice so much that I had to find everything else she had done.
    Fun Fact: The last vinyl albums I ever bought were from Columbia House. Those albums in that order? Amy Grant’s Age to Age and AC/DC’s Blow Up Your Video. Columbia House must have thought I was insane!


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