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A-Z Challenge Reveal


It is time for the big theme reveal for the A-Z Challenge. What is the A-Z Challenge? It is a fun way to blog every day by using a specific letter of the alphabet. We’ll be starting on April 1st with the letter “A”. Sign ups are still open, so if you want to join in visit the link, here.

Okay! Now onto the big reveal. I thought a lot about what to blog about, although I knew it would be ’80s related. I finally decided since it is the 30th anniversary (Yes! I feel super old too) of some great ’80s tunes, I’d blog about one of the greatest years for music.


So, starting next week we’ll be working through the alphabet using some totally awesome ’80s song titles. All of the songs were released in 1985, so I’m going to have to get a little creative with some of the songs to fit all of the letters of the alphabet. But that is what makes it fun!

See you on April 1st!


8 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Reveal”

  1. Awesome theme… I look forward to reminiscing. I was far from a child in the 80s, but I’m able to say I wore shoulder pads and new romantic chic with no hint of irony. Dead serious. And was SO proud when my 14 year old daughter chose to make herself one of Andie’s “volcanic ensembles” for “come as your fave movie character or star” day at her school.
    Wendy at Wendy of The Rock

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